Our Story

The company Scriptus Ltd. was founded in 2012, and is registered to provide construction works, trade and tourism. Although the company is registered for construction works, due to the crisis in the construction sector, we decided to reorient its activities through additional investments and investments in the tourism sector. It was a good move because we have managed to preserve jobs and enable the further development and continued operation of the company. After careful consideration of the tourist offer of the city of Dubrovnik, the company has recognized a market niche in terms of content in the old town, be it on the stationary guests or guests on the cruise ship. 2013 we bought semiSUBMARINE which was the first in the area of the Dubrovnik region. After the season were done, we have concluded that the idea was right for what we decide to move in 2014 to start a new investment and an additional offer. The appetite of today’s guests are more of our natural resources; sun, sea and beach. Seek diversified offer, adventure, recreation and experiences that will take home. We recognized the demand for sports and recreational activities that are both motivated us to expand our business on land and sea excursions. In collaboration with some travel agencies, our company offers a full-day, half-day trips that consist of;  luxury yachts, speedboats, adrenaline trips, sea safaris and romantic excursions tailored to taste our guest.

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These exciting tours will introduce you to Dubrovnik’s seaside attractions, astonishing beaches; breathtaking islands while you’ll experience a crystal clear water of an Adriatic sea.